Digital Campaigns & IMC

Digital campaigns are all around us.

Big, medium and small businesses utilise digital campaigns to boost presence, create demand and generate sales.


Often larger companies will pay for both advertising and use other methods to bolster the campaign. This is called Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC).
IMC uses linked messages through various communication channels to promote a brand/product.

Integrating all marketing ensures that a business can control it’s image more effectivly and plan for the future. Forecasting sales and targeting markets becomes less difficult for the business. Any digital marketing is bound to have data about customers/users and how they interact with the brand. This data can be used to find information that can be futhur accessed and analysed for maximum sales optimisation.

IMCs utilising digital media should always include the following*:

  • Coherence- connections between the different media used, such as their messages, communication style and visual cues are vital.
  • Consistency– repetition helps to reinforce the brand’s message and image. The strongest brand’s are those that continiously repeat their messages in all communications.
  • Continuity– we all know that consistency in marketing is key. Stick to the same communication styles, visuals, mood and always reference the brand personality. Customers trust what and who they already know, the same applies for brands…
  • Complimentary– synergy! The more energy that you input, the more it will output

IMCs and digital campaigns should use various online tools to spread their messages and boost presence:

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Integrating all your marketing communications is an essential way to maximise your sales potential, grow your presence and develop your image.



*Picton & Broderick (2001) Integrated Marketing Communications, Prentice Hall


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Nola Chu says:

    Hi 🙂

    Your blog post is thoughtful and well laid out. Great use of visuals on the post.

    In regards to content, you really hit the nail on the head here. Stating how integrated marketing communications benefit both the business and the user really makes it an easier concept to understand.

    The four Cs of IMC also make a great addition to the page. I’ll definitley be using the same formula for my assignments.

    Links in the post make life easier for a student and the addition of your own graphics in a little table is cute and fun, but also educational.


  2. JohnBell says:

    Integrated marketing plans are definitely the most powerful when done correctly. One path is not the right path. It’s often been replaced by “marketing mix” though.


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